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Newel Post, Gerhard sisters residence

Height: 40”

Diameter: 17”

Price: $3600

Depicting two dolphins swimming in an hourglass of foliage.

Location: The corner of Lindell Boulevard and Newstead Street. Across from the New Cathedral. We have been unsuccessful in locating a photo of the home.

Emme Gerhard (1872-1946) and Mayme Gerhard (1876-1955), the Gerhard Sisters, were among the first women photographers to establish a studio in St. Louis MO, in 1903. At the time newspapers and magazines rarely hired women as staff photographers to capture late breaking news.

The Gerhards began their photography careers as young women. They studied for three years with Fitz W. Guerin, the best-known St. Louis portraitist and a photographer of staged scenes. When Guerin retired in January 1903, the Gerhards acquired his studio and negatives. Their timing was perfect. Five years of renovations in the city between 1899 and the World’s Fair in 1904 put the Gerhard Sisters in the heart of a new St. Louis at the height of the Progressive political era. They developed new and original ideas and methods which, as they have applied to portrait photography, gave a value and beauty of execution equal to painted portraits.

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