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The Carpenters Building reclaimed terra cotta cornice was reimagined into this stunning backyard fireplace. We worked closely with the home owner to source the right pieces and reassemble them as close as possible to the original. The end result is a thrill to see!

Pocket door used as a sliding door in a loft, from Architectural Artifcts of St. Louis

Loft living provides lots of height options! This customer came in for a pocket-door to repurpose for her bathroom, and we found one that fit the job. With a last name like Griffin, you can guess what she collects... we found her a door handle with two griffins facing outward in the top arch of the handle shown in this photo. Such a great install!

Architectural salvaged zinc cornice.
Zince Cornice+.jpg
Lafayette Square Missouri home with salvaged exterior details.

A rehabber in Lafayette Square MO. re-used our zinc salvaged cornice from Compton Ave. & St. Vincent Ave. in The Gate Neighborhood for the ultimate use, back on a building! The color combination really made this install pop!

Reclaimed lumber flooring and archtectural detail salvaged from the Cortex building.

Architectural details that were once high off the ground on exteriors can create a mesmerizing focal point. This homeowner placed a piece, salvaged from a Cortex building (Shaughnessy/Kneip/Hawe Paper Company) in St. Louis, inside the front door for everyone to enjoy.

Architectural salvage Iron Corinthian Column

A greenscape accentuated by this iron Corinthian column creates a focal point in the distance. This home owner in St. Louis purchased our column which was from a corner storefront on a building in Northwest St. Louis. The seating area provides a water feature and a view of the column. 

Architectural Artifacts salvaged this Corinthian column made of iron from the Cortex building coplex.
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