Loft living provides lots of height options! This customer came in for a pocket-door to repurpose for her bathroom, and we found one that fit the job. With a last name like Griffin, you can guess what she collects... we found her a door handle with two griffins facing outward in the top arch of the handle shown in this photo. Such a great install!

A rehabber in Lafayette Square MO. re-used our zinc salvaged cornice from Compton Ave. & St. Vincent Ave. in The Gate Neighborhood for the ultimate use, back on a building! The color combination really made this install pop!

Architectural details that were once high off the ground on exteriors can create a mesmerizing focal point. This homeowner placed a piece, salvaged from a Cortex building (Shaughnessy/Kneip/Hawe Paper Company) in St. Louis, inside the front door for everyone to enjoy.

A greenscape accentuated by this iron Corinthian column creates a focal point in the distance. This home owner in St. Louis purchased our column which was from a corner storefront on a building in Northwest St. Louis. The seating area provides a water feature and a view of the column. 

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